Visit http://www.cdcn.org/research-pipeline for a listing of all CDCN research studies. Please be sure to join the CDCN community as a physician or researcher at http://register.cdcn.org/register/physician to be kept up to date on funding opportunities.

The CDCN is eager to provide additional high-impact research grants to interested physicians and researchers worldwide to accelerate diagnosis and management of Castleman disease. Until recently, there were only a few active Castleman disease researchers and little had been discovered about the biology of the disease. Fortunately, over the last few years, new investigators have become interested in Castleman disease; some the CDCN has proactively recruited and others were attracted by the numerous opportunities for meaningful research.

Please contact grant@castlemannetwork.org if you are interested in applying for funding to conduct Castleman disease research. Please note that the CDCN/CARE has a Board-directed policy that does not allow for the payment of indirect/F&A costs to nonprofit institutions.

We strive to empower these investigators to advance our understanding of Castleman disease through two funding mechanisms:

  • Strategically-Directed Research Grants
    • CDCN directly seeks out labs to answer a specific question that has been identified by the CDCN.
  • Investigator-Initiated Research Grants
    • Researchers can apply to the CDCN on a rolling basis for funds to either answer a specific question or propose a new research project.  Email your 2-page research strategy and budget to grant@castlemannetwork.org.

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