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The current system for research advancement is oftentimes random, redundant, and slow. For more common diseases, the inefficiency of the system is overcome with greater funding. For less common disorders with smaller funding pools, the field cannot afford to waste scarce resources.

Therefore, the CDCN SAB has leveraged the expertise of the CDCN network to create a consensus-based Strategic Research Plan or "Global Research Agenda" to guide global research, identify research gaps, and elucidate therapeutic targets for MCD. The CDCN has a sharp focus on gaining a better understanding of the etiology, pathogenesis, and inflammatory pathways involved in driving idiopathic MCD (iMCD). 





Pilot Serum Proteomics Study

Pilot study comparing blood samples from patient in flare and remission to understand the cytokine network


Data received, currently analyzing

Intracellular Inflammatory Pathways Study

To identify the pathological cell and active intracellular inflammatory pathways


Preparing to collect samples & conduct study

Pathogen Discovery Project

Sequencing of 20 Castleman disease lymph nodes to search for an etiological agent responsible for Castleman disease


Samples collected & preparing to conduct study

Establishing a biobank + ongoing annual biobank costs

We need a biobank to have quick access to tissue samples, because consolidating samples for research is a major bottleneck


Preparing to launch

Pilot Whole Exome Sequencing (WES)

Sequencing of 20 patients’ genomes


Funded, accepting applications from researchers

Full Serum Proteomics Study

Full study of 75 patients (150 samples) comparing pre-anti-IL-6 to post-anti-IL-6


Currently raising funding for this. Click here to donate to this study

You can see the international research agenda in action by checking out our Research Pipeline