Global CD

Welcome to our global network! Thank you for visiting our website, where you'll learn about the most up-to-date research and patient care breakthroughs as well as connect with other physicians and researchers worldwide. Since Castleman disease is rare, poorly-understood, and can be so deadly, it is essential that we all join together to share information and advance research for this disease!

In the last two years, members of the CDCN have completely flipped the previous model of pathogenesis through research published in the journal, Blood.  The CDCN is seeking to fund further research to find answers to the toughest questions about this disease. By focusing on Castleman disease, researchers have the opportunity to uncover aspects of etiology and pathogenesis that will undoubtedly be published in high-profile, high-impact journals.


The CDCN hosted the "South American Pathology Conference" in February 2015 in Philadelphia with the goal of collaboration for a better understanding of pathological aspects of CD and setting clear diagnostic criteria.
Hear pathologists Dr. Fernanda Metrebian, of Argentenia, and Dr. Rafael Andrade, of Columbia, discuss their experiences.