*To participate in our patient driven research initiative, please fill out this Google form. 

We have launched a patient driven site in which you can post your most burning questions about the disease and vote for other questions that you think are important. This is a great way for you to contribute to the important research that is going on at the CDCN. If you’re interested in participating, fill out this Google form so that we can invite you to contribute in the site. Remember, your input could help us find a CURE for Castleman’s! 

The CDCN used some of these questions to make sure that our research is geared towards answering them, check it out here! Dr. David Fajgenbaum answered the top questions asked by patients and provided an update on how our research is answering your questions in the first webinar on August 29th, 2016, which is also available on our Youtube channel at https://youtu.be/jubolTp514Y!