Wu Pong from Taiwan courageously battled Castleman disease. He lost his battle on July 3, 2016, at the age of 43, leaving his wife, three children, family and friends to lovingly remember his kind heart and infectious smile. In the final days of Wu Pong’s fight against the disease, his brother-in-law wrote a poem titled Final Goodbye.   

In a cold waiting hall
At a hospital.
With some folks
Some crying, some laughing. 

Every now and then
We rush to the ICU
He's lying unconsciously
On a bed with cold machines
He seems surrendered to his fate,
He used to be a fighter
Who never gave up
He was handsome, strong
Cheerful, full of life
Now I see life drying up bit by bit
In his fragile figure,
I see death crawling into him
Inch by inch. 

Loved ones all around his bed
Trembling, holding
Promising, comforting...
He listens to the pouring words
And answers with his dreamy eyes
A few drops of tear
Roll down on his pale face...
He falls asleep
So does the two-year old son
He doesn't wake up, but the son will. 

It breaks my heart
I feel the pain in every cell
Holding his hands tenderly
I feel so helpless and hopeless
I hate this, but no choice.
Soon, we'll say our final goodbyes
Then I think to myself
"If there's a heaven, he'll be the first in line!"
Good bye, Bro!
Rest in peace.

This letter written for Wu Pong by his brother-in-law speaks to his courage as he fought this terrible disease and the strength of his family in the wake of his passing.

“Dear Bro, 

Today is the Mid-Autumn Festival. We feel like having a BBQ as the ones we had together. However, we've lost that enthusiasm. Nothing tastes as they did before. You were an expert on BBQ. You were the first to serve and the last to enjoy. Your smile would make everyone have fun. We miss you so much!

I remember the nights we spent together at the hospital. Though you were bedridden, you never lost the hope, the joy and the sense of humor that put smiles on our faces, even made the tired nurses burst into laughter. You were a fighter who'd never think of giving up. A father and a faithful friend who dedicated his whole life to his family and friends.

Remember? Once we were running together along the river. We saw some homeless people under the bridge. All of a sudden, you turned to me smiling and said "Wish I were one of them!" Then I said "why?"And you said "Cuz they are free!" Still don't understand what made you say so. I'm still confused. I'm sure you're free now!

Bro, we always pray for you. However, please pray for the professional people and patients who are fighting this horrible disease. Because we believe you are one of the closest ones to the Creator of all souls. He will hear you and cure the ones in need. 

You are always in our minds. We miss you a lot. Rest in peace, bro.”