Elyse Driscoll from Marlborough, MA was incredibly strong. She passed away too young, at the age of 13, but not without putting up a fight. It began with pain in her mouth, first thought to be from Elyse’s two years of braces. When it did not improve she was admitted to Boston Children’s Hospital and eventually diagnosed with Castleman’s Disease. An infection progressed to blistering across her entire body, and Elyse spent nine months in hospital before finally losing her battle in February 2014.

Today she is lovingly remembered by friends, family, and many others because her mother carries on her daughter’s legacy of strength and courage. ElyseStrong - Roar for a Cure is an annual motorcycle ride and subsequent lunch with family-friendly activities and games.

Elyse loved life and her mother remembers she was “ vibrant, sociable and involved in everything.”

The event aims to raise awareness for Castleman’s disease, which is still barely understood. The roar of the motorcycles will hopefully draw some attention to CD and all the work that still needs to be done to understand it, hopes Kim Driscoll.

Join the ride, or come for lunch! On Saturday July 23, at Marlborough Moose Family Center 1129, 67 Fitchburg St., Elyse’s courage and heart will be celebrated, and her legacy as a warrior continued by all those standing up to Castleman’s!