Castleman Warrior Spotlights

Chris Kimura - A Castleman Warrior 22 years since diagnosis

Diagnosed in 1994, Chris remains an adventurer with a positive attitude due to research and development of drugs to treat MCD ...  READ MORE

Wu Pong – A Castleman Warrior remembered

Wu Pong from Taiwan courageously battled Castleman disease. He lost his battle on July 3, 2016, at the age of ...  READ MORE

ElyseStrong – A Castleman Warrior remembered

Elyse Driscoll from Marlborough, MA was incredibly strong. She passed away too young, at the age of ... READ MORE

Shannon Baker – A Castleman Warrior

A member of the CD Warrior family, Shannon Baker has offered to share her story of struggle, and hope... READ MORE

Check out patient and loved one videos below: