On June 20, 2019, the Philadelphia City Council unanimously passed a resolution declaring July 23 as World Castleman Disease Day in the City of Philadelphia! This resolution not only recognizes the CDCN's celebration of the 2nd annual World Castleman Disease Day, but also shows the council's support in the the continued efforts of the CDCN to accelerate research to find a cure for Castleman Disease and improve the lives of all Castleman patients and their loved ones. This is an incredible way to raise awarenes about Castleman Disease and the ground-breaking work that the CDCN is doing! The full legislation can be found here

CDCN volunteer and University of Pennsylvania student, Anna Nguyen (right), generously donated her time and effort to the CDCN and led the charge for this resolution. The CDCN would also like to thank Councilmembers Taubenberger (second from left), Squilla, Parker, and Bass who generously supported the CDCN's mission by introducing the resolution. 

As we prepare to celebrate World Castleman Disease Day on July 23, remember to use #WorldCDDay and #Castleman on social media! Also, keep an eye out for special #WorldCDDay posts from the CDCN on Fcebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

To support CD research, donate to the CDCN today!


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