We have a lot to learn about Castleman disease, such as what causes it, which immune cells are activated, and how to stop it, and we patients have the opportunity to drive forward our understanding and treatment by contributing research samples. 

Quinn (above), her mother Shannon, and their family recently had a 'spit party' where everyone contributed saliva for a genomics study. These contributions are necessary to advance further research into the mysteries of Castleman's.
The CDCN is conducting several research studies into the genetics, cause, and key cell types. We are also preparing to launch a biobank and finalizing the details for the first-ever global patient reserach study and natural history registry of Castleman disease, called ACCELERATE. 

If you are a patient or parent of a child with Castleman disease, please fill out this brief survey. This is a tough battle, but the answers to the unknowns of Castleman disease are within each of us. If we all play our part, we will find a cure for this terrible disease once and for all! Learn more 


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