After another great year for the CDCN in 2017, we'd like to recognize a crucial partner in the fight against Castleman disease: Janssen Research and Development, LLC. Check out members the Janssen team "Warrior Flex" above!

Janssen developed the first and only FDA-approved treatment for idiopathic multicentric Castleman disease, siltuximab (Sylvant), which was approved in 2014! They joined a multi-year collaborative partnership with the University of Pennsylvania and the CDCN to establish the ACCELERATE Patient Research Study in 2016. ACCELERATE is searching for patterns across hundreds of patients and insights into ways to improve patient care. Janssen has also sponsored multiple community events, strengthening vital connections across CD. The CDCN and Janssen recently partnered to launch SPEED 2 , which is measuring the levels of 1300 serum proteins in 100 CD patients and 100 controls to identify candidate biomarkers, disease subtypes, and insights to improve patient care. 

Our partnership with Janssen demonstrates the importance of collaboration and patient-centric research to make life-saving progress. We are so grateful for their support of the Castleman disease community.


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