Alexander Fossa, MD, PhD, is a senior consultant in Oncology at the Norwegian Radium and Oslo University Hospitals. He is the primary treating physician of Castleman’s disease in his region, and has a keen interest in Castleman’s (as one of the first patients he treated as a resident had MCD). He was also an investigator on the clinical trial of siltuximab (anti-IL-6), which is the only FDA- and EMA-approved therapy for MCD.

He is providing essential samples for several important studies in our research pipeline, which hope to identify the cause, key cell types, and a diagnostic test for Castleman's. Dr. Fossa has provided the most samples for the HUNT study, control samples for HUNT II, and serum samples from for SPEED II. Without his continued work and samples from other collaborators, these studies would not be possible. Check out the CDCN's International Research Agenda/Research Pipeline and see how you can also help fight Castleman's by contributing samples.


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