The CDCN is delighted to announce the addition of two full-time Data Specialists for the ACCELERATE Patient Research Study at the University of Pennsylvania. ACCELERATE is the first-ever global patient registry and natural history study of Castleman disease. Prior to working for the UPENN ACCELERATE research team, Erin Napier received a bachelor’s in Mathematics from Georgetown University in 2017. Faizaan Akhter received a bachelor’s from Drexel University in biomedical engineering, and recently completed a pre-medical, post-baccalaureate program at the University of Pennsylvania. ACCELERATE allows for patients to be fully involved in high-impact research, and with Erin and Faizaan’s added expertise on ACCELERATE, we can pave the road for better research and understanding of Castleman disease.

To find out more about the ACCELERATE Patient Research Study, please visit:

To learn more about Erin Napier and Faizaan Akhter or our other team members, please visit: 

This article was written by Maya Srkalovic, CDCN volunteer.


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