What is the Lemon Challenge?

When life gives you a lemon, eat it and smile back. 
Despite the incredibly difficult journey that Castleman patients go through, and the challenges they face on a daily basis, they still fight to keep smiling. Take part in this challenge to pay tribute and support them.

​The challenge: hold a slice of lemon in your mouth for 6 seconds, then smile! Easy, right?

Why 6 seconds? Every year, there are over 6500 new cases of Castleman Disease in the U.S. alone. After you do it, nominate your friends! They have 48 hours to do the challenge, or donate to CDCN.

Optional: Get creative with it! Write a hashtag on the peel, draw a smile, or even ditch the lemon altogether and use the sour food of your choice.

Help us raise awareness: When you're doing the challenge, record yourself, then post it to your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube or any social media you use.
Use the hashtags #CDCNLemonChallenge#ISmileforCDCN, or #CureCastleman in the description to show your support, and it'll show up right here on this page!

Who are we doing it for?

Patients with Castleman Disease seem perfectly healthy when they don't have an episode, but every day a relapse is possible and they might be in the emergency room the next day. Check out their inspiring stories of bravery and determination.

Dr. David Fajgenbaum
After the third time he nearly died but before the fourth, David Fajgenbaum embraced a new motto: Think it, do it. “I got out of the hospital with this profound sense of, you need to make the most of every second,” he says. A former college football player with close-cropped dark hair and a firm handshake, Fajgenbaum, 31, is the picture of youthful vigor now. But that belies a frightening reality. Tomorrow the symptoms with which he’s all too familiar could return, sending him to the intensive care unit (ICU) with every organ failing... Read More

Victoria Humphries
I had started to get sick in mid December 2015. I thought it was simply a sinus infection. After two rounds of antibiotics and prednisone, I knew something was wrong. By the time Christmas came around the severe fatigue, nausea, and vomiting started. Numerous ER visits gave my family and I no answers. Blood tests and scans came back normal...Read more

Join the fight. 

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