As a small organization, we need time, energy, and expertise from volunteers. Apply online today! We encourage patients, loved ones, medical students, physicians, researchers, and anyone else to contact us about opportunities to get involved. 

Sample projects include:

  • Making an informational brochure about Castleman disease
  • Assisting with building a global patient research study for Castleman disease
  • Expanding our strategic plan
  • Assisting with conference planning
  • Physician and patient outreach
  • Social media efforts 

Our volunteers love being a part of an innovative team that is striving to cure Castleman disease and share with us that volunteering helps them to feel less helpless, satisfies their desire to help others, and gives them a chance to give back in return for all that they've received. .

There are also several volunteers who have not been personally affected by Castleman disease, but they see the major need, that their skill sets can significantly help the CDCN, and that they can grow professionally. 

What could be more rewarding than being a part of the team that solved a deadly disease?
Email info@castlemannetwork.org for more information.