In the next three years, the Castleman Disease Collaborative Network plans to cure the disease and put our research arm out of business, so we can focus on supporting and connecting with patients and loved ones for years to come.

But we cannot do that alone. We need your support. We aim to invest enough funds into high-impact research studies and projects, so that we can uncover how the disease works and hopefully identify treatments that are effective for all patients with each subtype of Castleman disease.


To finance the 2018 International Research Agenda, we need $400,000.

We know it seems like a lot of money—because it is! But each dollar raised for CD research will make a major difference in our efforts. In fact, our small size and direct focus let us do much more with what is, in the medical research community, much less. Consider the amounts spent annually on research of two other rare diseases:

Muscular Dystrophy Association: $29 million

Cystic Fibrosis Foundation: $134 million

Less than 2% of the money spent on similar diseases can help us find a cure for CD - and soon.

See our current priorities.