Castleman Warrior Katie, who was diagnosed before her 2nd birthday

We need patients and their loved ones to join the fight and become Castleman Warriors! 

We’re closing in on answers to essential research questions, but beating Castleman disease will take a team effort from each patient and loved one. We’ve got an opportunity to take our fate into our own hands by joining together to advance research and treatment! Research funded by Warriors has already helped to advance our understanding of Castleman disease. 

If you’re a patient, loved one, or someone simply driven to help save lives that is interested in becoming a Castleman Warrior, please let us know through our Warrior Sign-up Form. In just a few quick steps, you’ll have your own Castleman Warrior page.

As a Warrior, you will join together in the following ways to advance the search for a cure.


Share your inspirational story or share materials with your friends, family, local community, and physicians. You will help others to better understand the emotional and financial burdens that come along with dealing with Castleman disease. Social media is a great way to share your story, check out our Social Media Toolkit for tips!


Host an event, donate personally, or give loved ones the opportunity to donate to your online page in a patient’s honor. Several Warriors have already hosted events, such as the Boot Camp 2 Beat Castleman’s, CARE Carnival, and CARE Gala. If you’re interested, the CDCN is here to provide all of the tools and support you need to put on your own event. Take a look at our Event Fundraising Toolkit for ideas!


Help patients or loved ones through the initial stages after diagnosis, find ways to overcome challenges, and provide emotional support as someone who understands what others are going through. 



Each dollar that these warriors raise helps to accelerate the pace of new discoveries and gets us closer to a time when patients and their loved ones no longer suffer from this devastating disease. Spreading awareness in your community through events is also a great way to develop relationships with local Castleman disease families and with community and business leaders.

Right now, there are dozens of scientists with important Castleman disease research projects that are ready to start, but remain on hold for lack of funding. Without support from the CDCN many of these projects will never happen and many discoveries will go unmade. Through grassroots fundraising, the Castleman disease community has the power to make this research possible.


 If you would like to donate now you can click here to donate with your credit card online. 

Prefer to send a check by mail? Make out to: "CARE" (Castleman's Awareness & Research Effort) and send to:

Castleman's Awareness & Research Effort
P.O. Box 3614 
Paso Robles, Ca. 93447
 Our Castleman Warriors and Castle Kids

Members of our Castleman Warrior Team

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