Raj currently serves as the Chief Patient Officer for the CDCN. He was diagnosed with idiopathic multicentric Castleman disease in May 2013 when he was 23. Raj initially joined the CDCN in early 2014 to develop a plan for establishing a global patient registry for Castleman disease. He worked with other patients, physicians, and researchers to create a model that integrates patient experience, disease natural history, and physician-reported data.

Raj graduated from Meharry Medical College in May 2016 and is now completing his residency in Pediatrics at Texas Children's Hospital. During residency, he continues to serve on the CDCN Scientific Advisory Board. He also continues to serve as a strategic adviser and volunteer for the CDCN's Community Engagement Team, where his efforts are focused on communicating with patients about their disease.

Hear Raj's story in this video: