Every few months, the CDCN Executive Leadership Team selects a "Cure Champion," who is helping to accelerate the CDCN's progress towards a cure. Check out our listing below:

July 2018: Curran Reilly was named "Cure Champion" for her continued work to support Castleman disease patients and loved ones throughout their journey. As Chief of Staff to the CDCN, Curran is responsible for managing a multitude of projects within our organization; however, she is most passionate about assisting our patient community! Most recently she worked to help create our Patient Pathway so that they CDCN can not only track patient outcomes, but offer more in-depth guidance - and, most importantly, support - to patients, loved ones, and physicians when experiencing a Castleman disease flare.

March 2018: Helen Partridge was named "Cure Champion" for all of her hard work and dedication to not only the CDCN, but the Castleman disease community - Helen is also the first two-time team member of the month! Helen started at the CDCN as Chief of Staff where she worked to support patients and loved ones while also managing a variety of other projects. She has stayed on board to help with research, but will be moving on to start her residency (here at Penn)! We would like to recognize and thank Helen - and wish her the best of luck!

January 2018: Mileva Repasky was named "Cure Champion" for her continued, and now expanded, involvement within the CDCN. Mileva currently serves as the Director of the Castleman Warriors Program, where she supports all of our Warriors and their families. Mileva will now be taking on a new role as a Director of Development in which she will coordinate fundraising efforts and community events to raise awareness and money for live-saving Castleman disease research.  

October 2017: Kate Innelli was named "Cure Champion" for her support and leadership in engaging donors that help to enable high impact research to continue the fight against Castleman disease!

September 2017: Nathan Hersh was named "Cure Champion" for his continued work on launching our Biobank and on ACCELERATE. As an ACCELERATE research assistant, he ensures patient records get entered in a timely and accurate fashion!

August 2017: Jasira Ziglar and Shawnee Bernstein were named "Cure Champions" for their hard work on the ACCELERATE Registry. Over the last year, they have continuously gone above and beyond the call of duty to collect and review important patient data.

July 2017: Morgan Purcell was named "Cure Champion" for her dedication to spreading awareness of Castleman disease. Over the last two years, Morgan has been essential to getting the word out and keeping our social media audience engaged! 

May 2017: Greta Moretto and Alisa McDonald were named "Cure Champions" for their innovative approach and dedication to raising awareness about Castleman disease!

April 2017: Jenna Kapsar was named "Cure Champion" for her hard work to engage with physicians around the world, track experts for referrals, and thank generous donors to the CDCN. Thanks!

February 2017: Sheila Pierson was named "Cure Champion" for her hard work to improve the ACCELERATE registry, help patients throughout the research process, and push forward an important proteomics study!

January 2017: Helen Partridge was named "Cure Champion" for her hard work to support CD patients and loved ones during their most difficult times while also managing dozens of other projects and tasks for the organization!

June 2016: Stefanie Soegaard was named "Cure Champion" for her hard work and dedication related to getting samples for research.

May 2016: Barclay Nihill was named "Cure Champion" for his incredible contributions to the Development division, particularly with regards to the Advisory Council to Cure Castleman disease

liuJanuary 2016: Amy Liu's systematic literature review in The Lancet Haematology is a major contribution to understanding of iMCD. Amy is the first author and likely one of the only undergraduate first authors ever in that journal or the Lancet family of journals.

hayley2December 2015: Hayley Williamson provided all of the coordination and logistical support to establish a diagnostic criteria, which is going to help doctors to identify and diagnose patients more quickly--helping to save lives! The meeting included 21 representatives from all over the world, including Japan, New Zealand, France, and across the US.

dustinOctober 2015: Dr. Dustin Shilling, PhD, who is our Senior Director of Research Execution/Operations, was selected after joining the CDCN team like a firestorm--pushing studies and projects forward while embodying the CDCN culture of patient impact with urgency.

alex-cdcnSeptember 2015: Alex Suarez, our Biobank co-leader and study naming genius, was selected for his hard work and for embodying all of the CDCN's values, which makes it fun to be a part of the team.

August 2015: Steph Serafino, our former Castleman Warrior Director, was selected for her work leading the Warrior program, which raised $74,000 in its first year.

nabelJuly 2015: Dr. Chris Nabel, MD, PhD was chosen as the first "Cure Champion" based on his 2 years of dedication to the CDCN, continued scientific guidance and leadership, and incredible work to drive forward the HUNT/Pathogen Discovery study. Chris was later named to Forbes Magazine's 30 Under 30 Science list! http://www.forbes.com/30-under-30-2016/science/ Based on an organization of our size and 66M people 15-30 years old in the US, there is a 1 in 13,444,444 chance that the CDCN would have 30 Under 30 winners in back to back years! Chris said the honor was a testament to the CDCN and all that we've been able to accomplish.